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For many, seeking therapy can be anxiety provoking. It is important to me that I support you in creating a safe place to explore your difficulties, however overwhelmed or stuck you may feel.

In therapy, we will first understand what you would like to explore or change, before looking at what might be keeping your difficulties going. From here, we can decide together on the approach that feels right for you.

Having previously worked on the development of NICE Guidelines at the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, providing an evidence-based therapy is central to my work. My main models of working include...

·         Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: we explore your thoughts and behaviours, and look at how these contribute to your current difficulties. We then look at ways to change your thoughts and behaviours in order to alleviate distress. More information on CBT can be found here

·         Cognitive Analytic Therapy: we look at your early life experiences and how these have influenced the relationships you have with yourself and with others. We explore how these relationship patterns impact your day-to-day life, and focus on ways to catch when they are sabotaging your goals. More information on CAT can be found here

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